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25th Oct 2018

Here’s Where The Irish Passport Ranks In Most Powerful Passports To Travel On Worldwide


When it comes to the power ranking of passports around the world, an Irish passport sits just shy of the top 5.

According to Passport Index, holding an Irish passport makes you the the owner of the sixth most powerful passport when it comes to travelling for 2017.

The index was developed by international residence and citizenship advisory firm, Arton Capital and ranks all of the world’s passports in terms of cross-border access, their ‘visa-free score’ and what countries you can get access to.

Ireland sits in sixth place (the same as last year) and owning an Irish passport, allows you to visit 154 countries out of 193 United Nations member countries and six territories including the likes of Hong Kong and Palestinian Territory.

We share the spot alongside Malaysia, Canada and the USA.

The top spot this year is Singapore with Germany in second, and Sweden alongside South Korea in third.

These are the top 10 passports in terms of power ranking:

  1. Singapore
  2. Germany
  3. Sweden, South Korea
  4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, United Kingdom
  5. Luxemburg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal
  6. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, United States of America
  7. Austria, Greece, New Zealand
  8. Malta, Czech Republic, Iceland
  9. Hungary
  10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia.

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