10 Natural Wonders In Ireland You Need To Visit Before You Die

By seank

October 21, 2019 at 10:14am



When you think about Ireland's natural wonders,the Cliffs of Moher are probably the first thing that springs to mind — but we've got a hell of a lot more than that.

We all fancy we know this country pretty well, but here at Lovin.ie we're convinced there's a few gems out there that you've yet to learn of or set eyes upon.

The trick is finding them.

Being the sound people we are, we've gone hunting for the greatest natural wonders that Ireland has to offer so you can start ticking them off your list.

1. Skellig Islands, Kerry

There's a reason they've used this as a shooting location for the newest Star Wars trilogy — it looks out of the world.


2. The Burren, Clare

The Karst landscape, made of limestone pavement deeply lined with grikes, is staggeringly beautiful in its look of desolation.

3. Slieve League, Donegal

While Moher seems to get all the hype, these northern cliffs actually reach almost three times higher. Truly breathtaking to behold.

4. Dún Briste, Mayo

This seastack broke off from the mainland way back in 1393 by stormy seas. Now it stands as solitary reminder of the majesty and power of Mother Nature.


Pretty deep, eh?

5. Carrountouhill, Kerry

It's no Everest, but its the tallest mountain in Ireland and the view from its peak makes the arduous climb seem totally worth it.

6. Powerscourt Waterfall, Wicklow

Waterfalls are something of a rarity in Ireland, but Powerscourt is the biggest one we've got. It's the perfect destination for a romantic weekend adventure.


7. The Giant's Causeway, Antrim

Constantly ranked among Ireland's top tourist attractions, these 40,000-year-old volcanic basalt columns are a marvel.

8. Doolin Cave, Clare

Carved by the ferocious Atlantic and found under the Burren, this cavity is home to the largest stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere. No big deal.

9. Clew Bay, Mayo

Best viewed from the vantage point of Croagh Patrick, this bay's sunken drumlins are truly iconic.


10. Coumshingaun Corrie Lake, Waterford

This spectacular body of water has formed in a circular hollow in a mountainside, which was created by glacier movement during the ice age. Journey here to bask in the magnificence and tranquility of the natural world.



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