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Forget Dublin, Here Are The 10 Best Steaks To Eat In Ireland Before You Die

By niallharbison

March 31, 2018 at 4:52pm


We've complied lists of the best steaks in Dublin in the past and every list we've seen seems to focus on the capital, which is a real shame... With this in mind, we decided to focus on the rest of the country and highlight some of the epic steaks up and down the island.

Some of these are high-end and some are to be enjoyed in a relaxed setting with a few friends.

Remember though, that all we are focusing on here is the sheer eating experience of the steak so vegetarians should probably look away now.

10. Courthouse - Monaghan

Simple cooking here but executed with brilliance. A little off the beaten track for most people in Ireland but well worth the detour if you're feeling curious.


9. The Oak Room - Adare Manor, Limerick

You certainly won't eat a steak in a more glamorous setting, but the meat is even better than the setting. Sublime cooking and wonderful service.


8. Sage - Midletown Cork

If this restaurant was in a large city it would be booked out for months... They do everything brilliantly but their steak is on a whole other level.


7. Aldridge Lodge, Wexford

Some serious cooking here and the beauty of the place is escaping to a world of peace and relaxation. Their dinner menu always features an epic steak that is dry aged for 21 days, and often served with fois gras.


6. Harte’s Bar and Grill

There is something about eating in a comfortable setting like this. and having a big hearty steak that makes you feel alive. Huge portions served with all the trimmings.


5. Deane'e Meat Locker

When they say they focus on meat they aren't lying. Incredible steaks in all shapes and sizes and some wonderful sides.


4. Kai, Galway

When I make these lists I put the word out to some foodies for a second opinion... It's amazing how many people came back with Kai as a suggestion. A wonderful restaurant full of passion and cooking from the heart.


3. Ox - Belfast

The cooking here has been getting rave reviews and drawing a crowd from all over the island of Ireland. As you would expect the steak on their menu is off the charts and well worth the visit for this dish alone.


2. Freddy's Bistro - Limerick

A restaurant with a classic menu of dishes and a buzzing atmosphere. They usually have at least 2 great steak dishes on the menu along with their great range of sauces. Something for every steak lover here.


1. Fitzpatrick's Bar & Restaurant

These lists are of course subjective but for me this has to be the best steak in the country. Walking into what has to be one of Ireland's best decorated bars and being greeted by their wonderful staff and the warmth and heat of the place.

Live sports add to the buzz and as you order from a range of great cuts you can customise it up with sides and sauces of your choosing. The portions are huge and you'll be licking your plate. All you have to do after the steak is settle in for a few pints and enjoy the craic. Top top place.


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