There's A Lord Of The Rings Themed Pub In Kerry And It's Absolutely Gas

It's a great place to get legolas

The Shire

The Lord of the Rings was first published over 60 years ago, but it's still as popular as ever. 

The news that Amazon is now turning the trilogy into a TV show reminded us of one of the quirkiest pubs in Ireland - The Shire in Killarney. 

The LOTR-themed venue opened its doors in 2014, but lots of Irish people don't even know it's there. 

And they're missing out, because it's mighty craic. 

The place is decorated like a hobbit hole and serves a selection of special drinks in tankards including Gandalf's Ale, Frodo’s Lager, Bilbo’s Beer and Orc Draught.

You can also rent a room in Middle Earth - no admittance except on party business. 

Middle Earth

Sometimes Gollum even crawls around scaring the shite out of people and...shifting them? 

All you need for a magical night on the town. 


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