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15th Dec 2017

You Can Actually Exchange Homes With Someone This Christmas

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Live your rom-com dreams today and get onto the actual Home Exchange website from The Holiday

The 2006 Christmas movie The Holiday struck a chord with many people as lovelorn Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) find each other online and agree to swap houses for the festive period. 

And whether you’re running away from heartbreak or just looking for a change of scenery you can use the same website from the movie. Home Exchange allows it’s users to swap homes for an agreed upon timeframe and users can write reviews so you know who’s going to be a good house guest. 

If you want to escape to the British countryside like Diaz then this gorgeous cottage with 2 acres of garden and woods could be for you. 

Holiday Home

Or if you’re craving that LA sunshine then this beautiful house in Southern California with a stunning view might be more your thing.

Holiday Home 2

Users put on pictures of their houses and state where they’d like to go and then mutually agree on times/ dates and house rules just like in the movie. 

Home exchanges in general are becoming a popular alternative to costly hotels. You get an entire home away from the touristy areas of the city and you meet people you normally wouldn’t cross paths with. 

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