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30th Nov 2017

You Can Nab Cheap Flights If You Fly With This New Airline For ‘Hipster Millenials’


If you’re the kinda person who can’t go a few hours without wifi and lives on quinoa, you’re going to love Air France’s new airline. 

Aimed at ‘hipster millenials’ between the ages of 18 and 35, ‘Joon’ launches tomorrow. 

It will start by offering medium-haul flights from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to European hotspots like Barcelona, Berlin and Lisbon. 

Prices start at €39 one-way and passengers will enjoy perks like virtual reality headsets and free wifi. 

There are USB charging ports on every seat and a built-in flight streaming program that lets you can watch your favourite shows and films on your own devices. 

Coffee and tea is free and the menu boast a selection of organic and gourment products like apricot compote, quinoa salad with chestnuts and baobab juice. 

Interested? Check out the website here

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