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16th Dec 2017

You Can Now Get Paid 60K To Live In This Luxury Paradise

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A free six month trip to Cancun Mexico sounds amazing, but being paid while you’re there sounds even better, right?! have launched an online job search for their next employee who will get to experience everything this dream location has to offer. 


The Mexican city sits right on the coast and is a favoured location for American tourists. However this job is open to asbolutely anyone looking for adventure and a six-month sun filled adventure. 

As the CEO (that’s Cancun Experience Officer) you will be living the golden life according to the website you will get the chance to “swim with whale sharks, explore the jungles and investigate ancient ruins.” You will get paid $10,000 a month (just over €8500 a month) to capture videos and tell the story of your time in Mexico. 

So who can apply? 

Well everyone! They are looking for someone sociable, with a good work ethic that wants to tell stories through different mediums. 

The job lasts for six months and all expenses are paid, including hotels. All you have to do to apply is submit the application and produce a one minute explaining why you should be new CEO. 

If this is your dream job then don’t wait around to apply, you only have two days left to apply at the official CEO Cancun site. 

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