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21st Jun 2017

Hand Rolled Ice Cream Tacos Are The Next Big Trend Ireland Needs


You can always tell what trends are going to hit Ireland by looking to New York and LA. 

Food trends sweep across the Atlantic to our shores like clockwork.

I wanted to find the newest stuff when here Stateside this week, and by God have I unearthed something that the whole world needs to see. 

Rolled ice cream tacos.

We’ve seen the emergence of rolled ice cream in the last year but things have just gone to another level…

The come in all shapes, colours, sizes and flavours…

With the rolled ice cream added to a waffle taco and then smothered in cream, sauces and with various toppings…

Seriously somebody needs to make these bad boys happen in Ireland fast… 

(looking at you Arctic Stone lads)

Say a prayer.

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