Irish Teens Could Soon Be Given Free EU Travel For Their 18th Birthdays

How cool is this?

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Who says the EU isn't cool?

Plans have been revealed by the European Union which include the possibility of EU citizens receiving a free interrailing ticket once they turn 18. 

Anyone who has interrailed through Europe will know that it's a pretty unforgettable expereriece which allows you to sample Europe's vast array of cultures up close.

The move is said to be 'essential in promoting a sense of belonging in Europe, enhancing social cohesion and ensuring a competitive European economy.'

Back in September, German politician Manfred Weber posted details of the plans which were set to be debated:

Just last week, Mr. Weber, suggested that there was overwhelming support within the EU for the project. 

The chance to see the likes of Paris, Rome and Berlin all for free? It sounds like a great initiative to us and one all Irish teens should avail of.

Now, if only we were young again.  

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