The Price Of Bread Could Be Increased And It's All Thanks To Brexit

More like 'Bread-xit'...

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Please. You can take our eyes but not the bread. 

It looks like the price of an Irish loaf could be set to increase with the finger pointed firmly at the UK's decision to leave the EU, or in other words, 'Bread-xit'. 

According to the, 80% of the flour used in the Republic for baked goods and other products currently comes from the UK.

If ongoing Brexit negotiations fail to secure a free trade deal, a tariff of up to 40% could be introduced which could lead to an increase of 10 cents to the price of a loaf in Ireland. 

Alex Waugh, the director of the National Association of British and Irish Millers said: 

"Once you introduce a tariff everything changes, so the likelihood is that the flour currently coming from the UK would come from somewhere else in the EU where there would not be a tariff."

Good. We don't want your flour anyway, guys. *weeps softly to self*

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