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27th May 2017

Rejoice – A Champage Mini Six-Pack Now Exists Just In Time For Summer


“I’m feelin’ it, fill the glass to the top with Moët”  – yep, Jay Z knows what’s up.

Nothing says glam like a snipe of champagne, especially on a balmy evening as you chill in a terrace with your sunnies on. That’s bliss right there.

So when we heard that Moët & Chandon have released a six-pack of mini champagne bottles we were exciiiiited to try these cute little bottles of fizzy joy that have entered our lives just in time for summer.

The bottles are filled with the classic Imperial Brut, and each one holds 187 mls of champers — for comparison, most standard champagne flutes hold about 177 mls.

The adorable party pack is currently only available online, and will set you back about €88, but we’re using the excuse that having your own personal bottle of champagne at next weeks BBQ is priceless.

Champagne bottles be poppin’ all summer long thanks to these.

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