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These Are The 15 Types Of Irish People You'll Meet When Travelling The World

By conorcoyle

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Let's admit it. 

We've all been to far-flung places and attempted to fit in with the local culture and not be as much of a "tourist". However, from time to time, you just can't help it and attach yourself on to another person or group of people from Ireland. 

In fairness, Irish people are EVERYWHERE. There's not too many of us that go away for a weekend break or three months hiking in Nepal without bumping into one of our own.

Here's the 15 types of Irish people that you're likely to meet abroad...

1) The Study Abroad One

This lad or lass spotted a handy little number in the college guidebook at the start of the year and managed to secure a lucrative placement in The University of Dossing in Belgium. They spend all their time drinking the cheapest tins available in the local supermarket.

2) The Divorceé

Whether it's the fella who got fed up with life at home and said 'to hell with that Mary, I'm gone' or the woman who realised she deserved a lot bloody better, they can now be found every night at the local Irish pub praising the culture of their new home.

3) The Stag

Whether it be Amsterdam or Barcelona, this group of 12 hardy lads will be found singing "The Auld Triangle" at 4am while trying to get their engaged mate to enter a strip club against his wishes.

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4) The Hen

All the gals will have headed to a beach in Portugal with the best damn cocktails about. Pure elegance. Until they have a few too many that is and they have their full arms reaching into a McDonald's bag whilst sitting in a row at the side of the road.

5) The Solo Traveller

He or she went to Bangkok but didn't bother with Khao San Road, skipped the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and thought the Great Wall of China was "too mainstream". They nearly got eaten by a tribe in the Amazon, but it was "all about the experience".

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Credit: Shutterstock/half_light

6) The Home Bird

Probably has their bag or suitcase full to the brim with Tayto and Barry's teabags. They may be sitting outside one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but all they're interested in is who won the Junior B championship last week.

7) The Settler

This traveller has found the love of his or her life in their country of residence, whether it be for actual love or in pursuit of a green card. Either way they're usually a friendly character that has plenty of tips about the place you are in.

8) The Big Spender

Keen to show off his or her newfound wealth, whether gained from questionable activities or simply from being in a country where things cost a tenth of what they do at home. The Big Spender will buy everything in sight, from suits to champagne.


9) The Miserable Bollocks

I know we don't want to end up bankrupting ourselves like The Big Spender, but we all need to treat ourselves while travelling at times. This character's pursestrings are as tight as a duck's arse and it gets on people's nerves.

10) The One You Don't Like At Home But End Up Becoming BFFs With

Remember that prick from school? Oh yeah, he or she is in the same city as you in the States. You pray that you don't bump into them but inevitably, you do in the first week. You actually realise that they're sound enough and go on many a session with them. 

11) The Go-Pro Guy 

He or she Is taken this holiday thing pretty seriously, by spending their whole budget on a camera. They'll have a class video to show their mates at the end of it though.

12) The Bar Owners

Let's face it, there isn't one of us who hasn't gone into an Irish bar and gotten to know the life story of the couple from Ireland who left it all behind?

13) The Instagrammer

Every beautiful place is an opportunity to pause for a moment to take in the culture... and make damn sure your Instagram followers know about it.

14) The YOLO one

How has this person not died yet? Always hanging out with dodgy characters and doing exactly what their friends and family tell them not to do. They always seem to be grand though.

15) The Lobster

This poor soul just can't handle the excruciating 20 degree heat.The rest of us might be struggling but but this character breaks out in large red patches as soon as the big yellow guy breaks the clouds.

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