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30th May 2017

This Innovative, Inexpensive And Tasty Salad Makes Eating Healthy Easy Peasy

Alana Laverty

Do you pretend to loooove salads?

When in reality this is you: 

You wouldn’t be the only one, bud. 

Sure, it’s easy enough to order one in a restaurant, or grab ready made one from Chopped or Dunnes.

But when it comes to actually going out, buying, preparing and assembling a tasty salad – the final product just doesn’t seem all that worth it. 

Honestly? It can be expensive and a bit of an effort. 

Well, not anymore my friend – because Aldi is revolutionising how you make a DIY salad. And it really couldn’t be any easier. 


The concept is pretty damn original we must say. 

‘The Bag that’s a Bowl’ allows you to create and personalise your salad in seconds. Literally just grab it and go. 

Feck it all together when you get back to the office and hey, presto you have a beaut salad. 

How it works: 

Step 1 – choose your leaves (€0.65)

-Five types of salad leaves; spinach, rocket, baby kale, duo leaf and Italian leaf.

Step 2 – choose your topping/protein (€0.99)

-There are six types of protein toppings including vegetarian/vegan and dairy free options: cajun chicken, roast chicken, shredded turkey, shredded ham, snack size Mediterranean falafel and snack size Moroccan style falafel.

Step 3 – choose your dressing (€0.59)

-There are five types of dressings: raspberry, avocado, mango, lime & ginger and Asian style.

Whether purchased together or individually, The Bag that’s a Bowl offers great value for money – an entire salad for just €2.23!

This could be you, after a trip to Aldi:

Available from all Aldi stores now. 

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