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Tired? These 8 Foods Could Be Disrupting Your Beauty Sleep

By Louise

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Whether you're going to work or school, you need a good night's sleep to keep up with your busy schedule. 

So you're getting to bed earlier and earlier, but find yourself lying awake, restless. These foods could be the reason why.

Try avoiding these foods about three hours before sleep, and you might be less wrecked come morning time. 

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Studies have repeatedly shown that while alcohol might help you fall asleep faster, it negatively effects your REM cycle. 

Now what's a REM cycle when it's at home you ask? REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is, very basically, the stages of sleep your body goes through during the night. You need to go through a different stages of REM to feel really rested in the morning. So put the nightcap away.

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Fatty foods, like steak, are really high in protein, which takes your body a long time to digest, which means that your body is still working at digesting these foods when you are trying to sleep. 

High-fat, high-protein diets have also been linked to sleep apnea, which is known to leave sufferers tired throughout the next day.

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Spicy food

Put that curry away! If you lie down after eating a spicy meal, you can suffer from heartburn, which could lead to a restless night. 

Studies have shown that spicy food actually reduces the amount of sleep people get, and also raises your core body temperature – which does not make for a good rest.

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Dark chocolate

Certain dark chocolates could actually contain 25% of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, which would keep anyone awake!

All chocolate contains some caffeine, but try to remember this rule; the darker the chocolate, the more caffeine there is.

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Decaf coffee

You might have thought sipping on the decaf was a wise move if you're having a coffee craving in the evening. 

Decaffeinated coffee still contains caffeine. We have been lied to for years. It actually contains enough coffee to keep someone awake. 

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Broccoli AND cauliflower

Honestly, I am actually okay with this one...

Now before you rule the veggies out of it completely, roughage like broccoli and cauliflower can actually aid sleep, when not eaten close to bed time. 

As it is rich in slow-to-digest fibre, your body needs to work harder to digest it, and if eaten just before bed, it could disrupt your sleep. 

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Is nothing sacred?!

Forget that trip to the chipper on your walk home from a night out if you've work in the morning. Chips are high in fat, and when eaten in large servings, can be difficult for your body to digest, resulting in possible heartburn and a restless night. 

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Chili con carne

Spicy sauce, beans and minced meat. A wonderful combination on your dinner plate but it will wreak havoc with your sleep. Burrito lovers this one goes out to you. 

The spicy sauce can cause heartburn and the beans and meat can create an upset stomach, so you can wave goodbye to a good night's sleep. 

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If you want a good sleep, studies suggest you shoult try dimming the lights or taking a relaxing shower or bath, to let your body know that it's time for sleep. 

They also suggest completely avoiding bringing any electronic devices into the bedroom, and to not snack at least two hours before going to sleep. 

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