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15th Jun 2017

Turns Out Eating Carbs Can Actually Help You Make Better Life Decisions


New research shows that eating carbohydrates will make you less likely to agree to a bad deal, and helps you make better decisions.

Praise da Lord.

Sunday World reports that eating toast or cereal boosts levels of dopamine in the brain, making us feel happier and more rewarded, and more confident when it comes to rejecting an unfair agreement.

People whose brekkie is protein-rich, such as cheese or ham, don’t see the same results, meaning they’re more likely to settle and take what they can get.

Researchers from Lubeck University in Germany recruited participants for their study and asked them to make a record of what they had for breakfast. 

Participants then took part in a computer game called Ultimatum, where players are offered a part share of a sum of money by another player.

The deal wasn’t 50/50 however, so the person offering the money would always keep more cash. Those offered the deal could either accept the unfair amount and keep the money or reject it and receive nothing.

A total of 53% of the high carb breakfast group rejected the unfair offer.

Authors of the study say that:

“With that background, popular diets – as for example low-carb diets – might be treated with caution.”

Load up on dem carbs guys xox

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