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This New Wedding Trend Is Completely And Totally Bizarre

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One of the nicest parts of any wedding is having your nearest and dearest present to witness you saying your vows.

Unfortunately, it can be tough these days to gather all of your friends and family in one spot – meaning that some have to miss out on the special day.

Not for long though, if this new wedding trend takes hold.

Apparently, the latest frontier in nuptials is to have a virtual reality wedding, whereby guests attend the ceremony by wearing a VR headset.

According to Mashable, Welsh couple Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington decided to take their celebrations to another level and had 40 guests attend a viral wedding in AltSpaceVR.

The pair had a real-life celebration with their friends after the VR ceremony, which cost $2,531 per person.

Would you give it a go?

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