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07th Nov 2017

Aldi’s New Christmas Ad Has Just Been Released — And It’s Like ‘The Polar Express’


First M&S, now this, and John Lewis can’t be far off now either: Christmas ads are a’ comin’.

And we’re delighted!

Last year’s Aldi Christmas ad introduced us to an anthropomorphic carrot called Kevin who went on an adventure on the night before Christmas… with the horrifying implication that he would be eaten by one of Santa’s reindeer.

Turns out young Kev survived that terrifying ordeal and has gone on to star in Aldi’s new Christmas advert, where he boards a train that looks an awful lot like The Polar Express.

Take a look at the ad below…

What do you reckon: will this be a classic Christmas offering or will it be forgotten like yesterday’s wrapping paper? Let us know in the comments.

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