"This Amsterdam Restaurant Shares The Same Name As A Famous Irish Children's Character So I Was Always Going To Enter"

By Darragh Berry

May 13, 2019 at 5:21pm


Walking around a city you don't know is some craic in fairness. Because you're so eagle eyed, you spot the smallest little detail in the restaurants and shop windows as you pass by.

At one stage in Amsterdam, we passed a café that said on its window "come rest your hairy balls here".

Although we had just had teas and coffees, I was tempted to have another just so I could say that I went into this place and had, in fact, gave my genitalia a seat for a few minutes.

I was rightfully pulled away from the window to continue our journey to the shops by herself and the café (I didn't even spot its actual name) went out of my head.

We got some amount of exploring done every day. It was up early, have breakfast and get going. So by lunchtime, you were ravenish.

While strolling back in the direction towards the hostel, I was delighted to find this Amsterdam Restaurant that shares the same name as a famous Irish children's character.

I screamed out 'Bosco' as if it was the first word I had ever learned. In fairness, it probably was one of the first words I had heard as a child.

Herself shouted 'where?' as if the 70s, 80s and 90s jack in a box had been holidaying in Amsterdam also.

I pointed over to the Restaurant and immediately took charge of where we were heading for lunch.

The outside colours were a funky yellow, blue and white and straight away I thought, yes, if Bosco was to open a restaurant, it'd be these colours for sure.

But I wanted to see what was on the other side...of that magic door...so I knocked, knocked, opened wide and went through the magic door, to the other side...

(Sorry couldn't help myself.)

I was so excited to have found this place and tried to explain to the waiter about Ireland and Bosco and it went over his head faster than a clippers cutting hair.

The outside area was lovely and the sun was beaming bright enough to take advantage of this privilege but we opted to sit inside for a change.

We were still able to use the day menu which contained a mixture of breakfast treats and some big foods that were touching lunchtime.

One club sandwich was ordered for herself but I knew that it was still a long 8 hours to go until our dinner that night so I went for the Boscoburger.

And plus, how could you not go to Bosco and not order a Boscoburger. Well, you could because if you are only ordering the food because it has Bosco in the title (like I did) there was also the: Bosco breakfast, Bosco Banola. Eggs Bosco and Bosco's Banana Bread.

I was glad we got to choose from the Day Menu because the Evening Menu was very limited.

I kinda felt like Dougal in Father Ted. I was just feeling a sort of 'isn't this gas' sort of vibe and not really caring what landed out on my plate.

The burger came with a load of unnecessary sides. Well, unnecessary to me anyways. I transferred the corn and most of the greens immediately and was just left with some lettuce and chips.

Ideal for me.

The bun looked hard but was actually a nice spec of crunchy. The meat itself was cooked around the medium mark which was a welcome change to the almost rare burgers you get at home (which I still prefer but it was a nice change).

They skimped on the chips but to be fair, you could almost count them on two hands.

But, I was going for dinner again that night so I shouldn't have really been having those potato based snacks anyway.

One thing they didn't fall short on was the cheese. Holy cheesus, what they lacked in chips, they made up in cheese.

But all in all, the burger was just as nice as anything you'd make at home yourself. And for the price of €14.50, you'd get hundreds of much nicer buns in Ireland for the same price.

But sure, if you passed by Bosco and didn't go in, you'd be regretting it on the plane home, just for the novelty of it all.

Now, to head into that café that was on about my balls earlier.

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