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09th Jan 2024

Dubai voted the world’s most overrated holiday destination

Katy Thornton

“There is nothing to do.”

Dubai is one of the world’s most lusted after holiday spots, but it has also recently been crowned one of the most overrated tourist locations.

Although it is beloved by influencers and ex-Love Islanders, Dubai came out on top of a poll of what locations Redditors think is the most overhyped.

Home to hotspots such as the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeriah and the Dubai Mall, it’s not like the city lacks any attractions.

However, people on Reddit had a lot to say about the location, with over 15,000 people voting the city as overrated.

“I just don’t understand the appeal.”

“It sucks so bad,” one person wrote. “There is nothing to do, and no culture. Unless you like gaudy designer bulls**t or laying by the pool.”

A second commented: “People who love to travel to foreign countries to shop love Dubai because it’s the largest shopping mall on the planet if you can afford it.”

“If Nordstrom was a city,” a third joked, in reference to the American department store.

“Dubai has always sounded like a holiday in materialistic hell,” a fourth put.

However, others rushed to the defence of Dubai.

“There are a million things to do there you just have to have a million dollars to do it,” one person wrote. “I’m from a small Wisconsin town and it was my first time traveling overseas. I thought the city was fascinating just being so completely different from where I grew up.”

“There’s definitely a lot to do over there,” a second chimed.

A third agreed: “I’m baffled by people saying there’s nothing to do. Beaches, amusement parks, water parks, great restaurants, bars, cultural sites, desert safari, plus the Louvre and grand mosque an hour away in Abu Dhabi.

“The country is pretty easy to get around and has some amazing hiking, and even scuba diving.”

However, Dubai was not the only place that people felt was overrated.

Other notable mentions include Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, which, as people noted, ‘is just a rock’, so that one is pretty understandable.

Disney World was also voted as an overrated destination by 5,500 users. People criticised the long waits in line and the sheer expense of the parks.

Los Angeles was also mentioned, with over 1,500 votes.

“I just think you need to live here to truly get what the city has to offer,” one person wrote of the place. If you come as a tourist you squeeze in a bunch of random touristy things and don’t get to really experience the city for what it is.”

This article originally appeared on JOE UK 

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