Donegal Donkey Sanctuary running ‘dangerously low’ on supplies issues appeal to public

By Fiona Frawley

March 27, 2023 at 5:30pm


The sanctuary are struggling to provide food and bedding for their precious residents.

The Donegal Donkey Sanctuary has issued an appeal to the public as prices of hay, straw and feed have reached an all time high.

The shelter which is located on a family farm near Raphoe is home to 98 animals, and the team are under pressure as a large number of donkeys have arrived at the sanctuary over the winter months.

The charity have revealed they're running "dangerously low" on supplies, and are "struggling to keep going" in the current financial climate.

On their GoFundMe page, owner Sandra Curran wrote:

"The spiralling cost of living crisis is affecting every home and family and people naturally have less to give to sanctuaries such as ourselves.. Sadly the one constant in these changing times is the sheer number of donkeys that need to be fed and sheltered as life deals them a cruel blow through no fault of their own.

Sanctuary for these souls is as important as it has ever been and we are committed to being there for them. In seventeen years of operation we have never had to turn a donkey away and this is not something we plan to do in the immediate future".


The Donegal Donkey Sanctuary took in their first rescue in 2006 and since then have housed and rehomed close to 900 donkeys. The sanctuary are hoping to raise €10,000 to pay for supplies, and have raised over €6,000 so far. You can find out more about them and donate via GoFundMe.

Header image via Instagram/donegaldonkeysanctuary 


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