Woman passes her driving test on her 960th attempt after spending over €12,500

By Steve Hopkins

March 27, 2023 at 11:25am


‘I wouldn’t want someone who has failed over 5 times to be on the same road as me’

A South Korean woman finally passed her driving test – on her 960th attempt.

It meant Cha Sa-soon spent over €12,500 (£11,000) securing permission to drive.

The 69-year-old first attempted the written test in April 2005 and after failing continued to retake it every day, five days a week, for three years – making 780 attempts.

She then switched to taking the test twice a week until she finally passed – and moved on to the next stage. The practical test.

That only took her 10 times to pass.


However, it meant it took her 960 tests to get her licence, the Mirror noted.

Cha refused to give up as she reportedly needed a licence for her vegetable-selling business.

Her driving instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School said he felt relieved when Cha Sa-soon finally got the licence, the newspaper reported.