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06th Apr 2020

Louis Theroux’s 2011 documentary featuring Joe Exotic is available on Netflix

James Fenton

We’re a few weeks into social isolation so if you’ve started watching Tiger King on Netflix, chances are you’ve already finished it.

At just seven episodes, Tiger King is fairly easy to sit through over the course of a few evenings although Jeff Lowe, one of the most prominent people featured in the madcap documentary, has promised that one more episode is on the way.

Without giving too much away, Lowe was one of a few antagonists of leading man Joe Exotic and if the limited series has left you craving more of the Tiger King’s antics, then Louis Theroux has got you covered.

Netflix is filled with some of the much-loved documentary maker’s best programmes, one of which just happens to be America’s Most Dangerous Pets. Although, it should be noted that it’s listed on Netflix UK and Ireland as Beware Of The Tiger.

First broadcast in 2011, the episode sees Theroux meet up with Joe Exotic at his Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. While the documentary isn’t centred around flamboyant zookeeper like Tiger King is, viewers still get an insight into his work long before he became a Netflix sensation.

With knowledge gained from his brief encounter with Exotic almost a decade ago, Theroux offered his thoughts on Tiger King in a piece for the Sunday Times yesterday. The article is behind a paywall, but one of the ‘cautionary notes’ Theroux offers about the popular series is that ‘the carnival of human folly it depicts should not blind us to the pressing, and less amusing, animal issues at its heart: playthings of a more powerful predator, kept in captivity because of human acquisitiveness, ostentation and control.’

You can always trust Louis to get to the heart of every issue. Beware Of The Tiger is about an hour long and is available to stream on Netflix now.

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