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01st Nov 2021

This Holywood Reporter tweet over the weekend nearly had us

Fiona Frawley

And before the grammar police get onto me, no, that wasn’t a typo.

I’m referring to parody Twitter account The Holywood Reporter, bringing “all the freshest, hottest and wettest Hollywoo news straight from Tinseltown to your face holes”. The account was born happily and healthily unto the Twittersphere over the weekend, and had us all going for a second with one of their inaugural tweets. On Saturday evening, Whatsapp groups across the country were pinging with the news that Olivia Colman was set to play Teresa Mannion in new biopic, An Unnecessary Journey.

We all remember Teresa Mannion’s epic coverage of Hurricane Ophelia back in 2017. It captured the hearts of a nation and has been immortalised forever through the mediums of meme, musical parody and Halloween costume. And of course, it had its day on the most recent season of Reeling in the Years. Truly, an iconic moment in our country’s history which in my opinion would make an EXCELLENT biopic. So it’s easy to see why so many people saw this tweet and for a brief moment in time allowed themselves to believe it was real.

In fairness, Olivia Colman has been flat out with the Irish films recently. And would look fab in a North Face jacket being plummeted with galleons of fake rain. Petition to have this made into a real movie? I’ll be the first to sign.

Header image via Twitter/TheHolywoodRep

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