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Robert Pattinson Is Replacing Ben Affleck As The New Batman

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Robert Pattinson is reportedly in talks to replace Ben Affleck in the next Batman film.

The Batman was originally meant to star Affleck, who was also tipped to write and direct the film, though he dropped out of the project in 2017.

Variety reports that Pattinson is “the top choice” for the role with the deal expected to “close shortly”, though Warner Bros has not commented on it just yet.

Nicholas Hoult is also said to be a frontrunner for the role, although Pattinson is “holding the edge”, according to Deadline.

War for the Planet of the Apes’ Matt Reeves has also taken over from Affleck as director.

Reeves previously said, “We’re doing a story that is definitively Batman though and trying to tell a story that’s emotional and yet is really about him being the world’s greatest detective and all the things that for me, since I was a kid, made me love Batman.”

The Batman will tell the story of a “much younger” Bruce Wayne who’s just starting out and is due to arrive in cinemas in June 2021.

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