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13th Sep 2018

WATCH: Someone In RTÉ Is In Trouble After Big Blooper On 1 O’Clock News Causes Major Panic

Darragh Berry

Americans are currently facing one of the worst hurricanes they’ve ever witnessed.

However, RTÉ Presenter, Ray Kennedy made a slight mistake about the “monster” hurricane Florence that is headed in their path.

Kennedy accidentally said that the hurricane would last for two years in his bulletin.

The hurricane is set to hit the US on Friday and several warnings have been issued as weather officials say that they could have a possible ‘disaster’ on their hands.

Over one million people have been forced to move out of their home because of Florence also.

Kennedy mistakenly said that the storm would “make landfall in North and South Carolina over the next two years” – meaning it would wreak havoc until 2020.

We hope nobody with relations in America was watching or they would have been on the blower straight away.

There was no back-tracking or no even break in his script, Kennedy just kept reading the news as if he hadn’t made the mistake.

Take a look:

However, Danny McElhinney managed to spot the mistake and posted a video of it on his Facebook page – which you can find here if it’s not playing in the article.

He said: “Hurricane Florence is coming to the Carolinas and one a half million people have been ordered to leave their homes. It is going to last two years according to RTE. That’s a storm of biblical proportions.”

Whoever has written the script for Kennedy has made the real cock-up there.

This follows on from a weather blooper during the summer which shows all the outtakes from the Weather report being left in and it’s cringe central.

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