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27th Jul 2021

Twitter left reeling after the newest Irish Islander wasn’t given the appreciation she deserves

Fiona Frawley

I’ve been asking this for so many reasons this season, but I’ll ask again, what is wrong with these men?

As we know, the much-anticipated move to Casa Amor finally happened on last night’s Love Island, with a line up of some of the sexiest women this side of the Atlantic sent in to tempt the boys.

They wasted absolutely no time forgetting about the OG girls and getting right down to shifting, toe-sucking and lap dances, but after their mildly traumatising game of truth or dare Twitter were left asking one question… What about Salma??

As we all know at this stage, Irish gals are the creme de la creme of Love Island contestants. Following on from her predecessors Maura and Yewande, Salma is no exception. So where was the love for her last night?

Not that I’m condoning the boys cheating or anything but like, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Don’t make us hate you more.

At this stage we are all severely over the “petite blonde” obsession. We better see Salma get the love and attention she deserves tonight, or I stg I’m booking a flight over there to have a word.

Header image via Instagram/Salma Naran

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