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22nd Apr 2020

Viewers got a laugh out of Barack Obama’s Last Dance introduction

Sarah Finnan

Barack Obama's title on The Last Dance

Barack Obama made a cameo appearance on the new Netflix documentary The Last Dance and people have been loving his new title.

The Last Dance landed on Netflix this week. A sports documentary diving into the history of the Chicago Bulls – in particular, the 1990s cultural phenomenon that was Michael Jordan – it’s proven to be a big hit with viewers around the world… even those who were expecting it to be a romcom, but can you blame us with a title like that?!

There’s one moment in particular that has viewers talking though, and that’s when Barack Obama makes his guest appearance.

Now we don’t know about you but generally, when we think of Barack Obama, the first thing that springs to mind is his time as the President of the United States. A pretty important gig, no? Which is why it was so bizarre to see his title appear as “former Chicago resident”.

We’re not the only ones to have spotted it either, and Twitter has been having a field day since seeing the clip.

According to an article on The Wrap, the “hilariously downgraded descriptor” came down to a matter of authenticity with director Jason Hehir explaining:

“At that point in the story that we’re telling, he was a broke Chicago resident who couldn’t afford a nosebleed seat to a Bulls game.”

It also emerged earlier today that Michael Jordan plans to donate his entire share of proceeds from the ten-part docuseries to charity. Expecting to rake in somewhere in the region of three to four million dollars, Jordan has committed to giving all proceeds to “charitable causes” – including Friends of the Children, a national non-profit, along with other coronavirus-related causes.

Only the first two episodes have been released on Irish Netflix so far, with further episodes to follow in the coming weeks. You can read more about the series (and what the Twitter-sphere has to say about it) here.

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