UK food reviewer calls Supermacs 'trashy, horrible and tasteless', scoring them just 1/10

By Fiona Frawley

March 21, 2023 at 12:44pm


"Proper sh*t".

Supermacs holds a special place in the heart of most Irish people, but fast food reviewer Matt Davies-Binge was less than enamoured.

The burger enthusiast and face of the popular Food Review Club was hugely underwhelmed after a visit to Supermacs on Talbot Street in Dublin, describing their bacon and cheese as "one of the worst burgers I've ever had".

In the opening of the food review video which has over 70,000 views on YouTube, Matt says he's been told Supermacs is the Irish version of McDonalds and that he's excited to try it. He approaches the till and asks the staff member behind it "What's the best thing about Supermacs, whats the concept?"

With all the enthusiasm you'd expect from someone being filmed mid hospitality shift, Supermacs worker Craig replies "Everything about it is great. Great shop. Chicken breast sandwich, you can't beat it.

Matt is convinced, and goes on to order the aforementioned chicken sambo, a portion of taco fries and a bacon cheese burger for good measure.


The review starts off strong with the taco fries but sadly, it's all down hill from there.

"Dry, overcooked nonsense"

After his first few bites of the fries, Matt concluded: "Brilliant, great flavour. They've got that really cheap cheese that's gone really oily under the slightest bit of heat and just completely lost its structure and turned into an oily, delicious mess. We'v geot this crumbled meat... I hope it's meat anyway. You never know these days... Every mouthful is taking 30 seconds off of my life".

He's less convinced when it's time to move onto the chicken sandwich, commenting "(Craig) was talking about this like it was the second coming of Christ... it looks like it was put together with some sort of catapult".

Matt goes on to describe the famed breast in a bun as "dry as f*ck... it has about 5% of moisture clinging on for dear life."


The beef burger receives a similar response - upon opening the wrapping Matt remarks "this is a little bit mingin, to be fair", and goes on to say "it tastes exactly as it looks. Wet, tasteless... that's one of the worst burgers I've ever had".

Concluding that the chicken was "dry, horrible, overcooked nonsense" and that the taco fries were "alright but trashy", Matt awards Supermacs just 1/10 adding "I don't like to do that normally but it is what it is".


As you'd expect, the comments section was packed with Supermacs apologists urging the reviewer to come back and try a regional Supermacs, insisting that Dublin branches don't even compare.

When Matt found himself back in Ireland over St. Patrick's weekend, a month after the initial review, he decided to give Supermacs one more chance.


Heeding the advice of his Irish following, Matt took himself to a Supermacs outside of Dublin in Carrickmacross, Monaghan to sample the tenders, a portion of curry chips and bravely give the bacon cheese burger one more go.

After a complimentary meal and a pleasant exchange with two local kids chowing down on hot muffins with ice cream (a Supermacs staple), Matt concluded:

"I'm really glad we came back. I think we got the true Supermacs experience today.

"The food? Much, much better. Did it make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up? No. But if I was hungry for a burger and chips, would it have scratched the itch? Absolutely. I've got nothing negative, really, to say", the reviewer gushed, before awarding his second Supermacs meal a generous 7.3/10.

To close out the review, Matt insists "our page is not about smashing people to bits, we're not here to be those guys. That today, credit where credit's due, was very good".


This is your sign to hit up Carrickmacross, Supermacs stans.


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