Bartender shares the red flags people should look out for when ordering drinks

By Callum Boyle

March 20, 2023 at 4:09pm


Some tips to remember the next time you’re in the pub.

Bartenders have shared some of the biggest red flags that customers should look for when ordering drinks on a night out.

A number of the staff at British bar Pins Social Club in Liverpool listed some of the things bartenders should never do when making drinks for customers.

Among those included using a glass to scoop ice and pouring drinks into a warm glass that has come straight from the dishwasher.

Additionally, servers who use shot measuring cups, lean on the bar and put their hands around the rim of the glass are also warning signs to look out for.

They shared a number of the ‘red flags’ of drinks ordering in a video posted to TikTok.


The video prompted a heated discussion in the comments, with some criticising the bar for not allowing their staff to staff lean on the bar. Most however agreed that using a glass to scoop ice was “gross” and “unhygienic.”

Viewers also criticised those who use the steel shot measuring cups or ‘jiggers’ to pour drinks as they can appear “stingy”. Others also referenced how the bartender splashed drink into the glass.

One user said: “If I see a bartender using that measuring thing. I’m out. Nothing like an old school bartender pour… those are real drinks.”

A second commented: “One of the dirtiest place in the bar or restaurant if the ice well!'”


Another wrote: “Also bad free pour, never splash the shot in the glass.”

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