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13th Apr 2022

Dublin Bricks to launch a Father Ted themed Lego set

Fiona Frawley

A lego set which recreates Father Ted, Dougal and Jack standing outside their Craggy Island home

Small, or far away?

If the numbers in attendance at this years Tedfest were anything to go by, the obsession with Father Ted remains alive and well on this island. We can’t get enough of it. Almost 30 years on, it’s still a go-to comfort watch, a show that most of us can quote from beginning to end.

Dublin Bricks mastermind Gianni is clearly aware of the special place the show holds in our hearts, and has decided to do what he does best and recreate everyone’s favourite priests in Lego form.

The set, which the Dublin Bricks website confirms is “coming soon”, is priced at €50 and features Father Jack with hair askew, clutching a bottle of something comforting, Father Dougal with his classic sweater vest, bemused expression and iconic “Careful Now” sign in hand, and of course, Ted clutching onto a wad of cash which, famously, was just resting in his account.

The website also shows the priests parochial Craggy Island home standing tall in the background, so one would assume this structure will also be available as part of the set.

The comments section of the Instagram post did feature a few requests for a Lego version of Ms Doyle to complete the set – we wait with bated breath to see if she’ll make an appearance at a later date.

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