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12th Sep 2018

‘The Snail’ – A New Tricky Sex Position That Irish People Are Giving A Go

Darragh Berry

We’d honestly love to meet the people who come up with these names for sex positions.

If we were to say to you ‘snail’ you’d think something along the lines of flat and on the floor or something to do with a wiggle motion.

But apparently ‘The Snail’ is the perfect sex position for when you are “worn out or simply hungover.”

It involves raising your legs over your partner’s shoulders so that they are able to thrust slowly – like at a ‘snail’s pace’.

According to The Irish Sun, the move helps with deeper sensations and is also a very intimate position as you can keep eye contact with your partner.

According to the Kama Sutra description,

“The topping partner can use their body weight to lean forward onto the back of the receiving partner’s thighs to push them downward.

“The motion for this sex position should be a gentle slide forward and back, with knees and arms moving in concert almost as if their limbs are mimicking the side of a shape as it moves from a parallelogram to a square and then back again.”

But how does The Snail compare to ‘The Fixer‘, ‘The Rusty Trombone’ or even ‘Queening

We can’t keep up with all these new positions tbh, we need a lie down.

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