Galway coffee roaster ranks as third best in the world

By Katy Thornton

May 25, 2023 at 11:05am


They were the only Irish coffee roaster to make the top 10.

Big news for Calendar Coffee as they have just been honoured with the title of third best coffee roaster in the world, by coffee connoisseurs Roastful.

Calendar Coffee was the only Irish roaster to make it to the top 10, although Dublin-based roaster 3fe are also apart of the top 50. Calendar placed just behind Morgon in Gothenburg, Sweden (second place) and Tim Wendelboe in Oslo, Norway (first place).

Roastful said this of ranking Calendar the third best coffee roaster in the world.

"We fell in love with Calendar at first… taste. Beyond their incredible roasting, they have implemented wonderful sustainable practices into their business, and at a very young age at that."


Earlier in the year, Calendar teamed up with Dead Rabbit, the esteemed NYC Irish pub that also happens to be the most awarded pub worldwide, to create the perfect roast to make an Irish coffee cocktail.

Calendar has a serious focus on ethically sourced coffee - on their website they say this of their ethos.

"We believe quality isn't just how a coffee tastes. It's knowing who produced it and how much they were paid. Was the coffee farmed using organic practices, and what steps have been taken to reduce the carbon footprint on its journey from seed to cup. All businesses can and should be a force for good which is why we've made it our mission to run ours a little differently."

You can purchase Calendar coffee on their website, or have it brewed for you in one of their many café stockist, including but not limited to Kali Coffee Bar, Éan, Coffeewerk + Press (also award-winning), and more.


Header image via Instagram / Calendar Coffee


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