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19th May 2023

Tipperary coffee shop faces backlash for ‘adult only’ policy

Emily Mullen

A coffee shop in Tipperary is facing a lot of backlash after they revealed their ‘adult only’ rules, with many claiming they need ‘some serious reflection’.

The Old Barracks Coffee Roasters in Birdhill took to their Instagram stories on Friday to share the ‘adult only’ rules they have in place for the cafe, defending themselves from the backlash faced.

Claiming the decision to make it adult only came after a conversation with the owner’s children, the coffee shop said they are “forever explaining our adult only policy.”

One customer complained following a video sharing a sneak peek at their new Limerick location, saying: “I hope mothers with sleeping young babies in their arms won’t be told to leave the outdoor tables (not even inside) like in bird hill. Really not ok at any level, needs some serious reflection and improvement.”

Replying to this, The Old Barracks Coffee Roasters said: “Yeah Birdhill is a space for adults to spend some me time. I have reflected on it considerably. When my kids told me they didn’t want to at a cafe with me while I chat to my mates, I understood their position on it.

“Old barracks is a destination for coffee curious, a slower pace of service, and a peaceful tranquil environment to relax in and take some me time. Our guji coffee bars don’t have the same offerings and are typically designed for the high street.”

The comments came after the owner shared a video of the new Guji Coffee Bar opening on O’Connell Street in Limerick – expected to be open in June.

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