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More Heatwaves Are Likely Due To Human Activity Causing Higher Temperatures

By Jen

July 24, 2018 at 6:31pm


This is not a drill, we repeat this is not a drill.

Experts say that rising temperatures caused by human activity will make the recent heatwave more likely.

Extreme heat has been seen throughout the northern hemisphere with temperatures of 30° being recorded in the Arctic circle as well as a heatwave in Japan which was branded a natural disaster.

According to the Irish Times, Professor Peter Scott, science fellow in attribution at the UK Met Office, equated the increased likelihood of getting a heatwave to rolling a dice and getting a six.

But, he added, climate change was weighting the dice.

“If you get a six over and over again you start to think, "This is not normal, somebody has given me a loaded dice".

He said the chances of the 2003 heatwave which gripped Europe happening again was doubled by climate change and that predictions made by climate models about heatwaves “are coming true before our eyes”.

He added that it was still not completely confirmed that climate change was affecting the jet stream which is what influences the weather in Ireland and UK.

It is responsible for keeping an area of high pressure to the west of the UK causing hot and dry weather.

While official heatwave status is now a distant memory here, water conservation measures are still in place as many areas are still experiencing drought conditions.

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