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16th Sep 2021

Jamie Redknapp is gonna be the next big thing in road bowling according to this TikTok

Fiona Frawley

It’s not a sentence I ever envisioned myself writing, but there you go.

Following an appearance at the National Ploughing Championships in Laois yesterday, A League of Their Own hosts Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp carried on down the M7 to enjoy a spot of road bowling in Kerry.

According to the Independent, the stars took on a 1km road bowls course on a road in Dingle, and their game will appear on an upcoming episode of A League of Their Own.

If you’ve not yet been inducted to the world of road bowls, it’s a sport played with a 28 oz. solid iron bowl between two contestants, “who match their individual skills in throwing the bowl with optimum speed, controlled delivery, and international accuracy along a carefully considered and tactically selected play – path over a predetermined course distance of normal roadway”. The winner is the player to reach the finish line with the least number of throws or shots, according to 

The website also says “tradition, style and proven clarity to survive social and cultural changes of passing generations” are part of the sport, which could be why Redknapp struggled during his first attempt. You can see his post-bowls analysis in this TikTok:

In the TikTok by Michelle Smith who runs the Road Bowls in Ireland account, Jamie can be heard saying:

I was so bad at that… and by the way you gave me some bad information, you got me a 5 metre penalty, that cost us.

He’ll just have to come back next year and give it another go.

Header image via Instagram/jamie.redknapp

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