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The Physiology and Psychology of Preparing For an All Ireland Final

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It’s only two weeks away until the mighty, four-in-a-row searching Dubs face tough northern opposition, Tyrone for Sam Maguire.


Tyrone go on the search for their first All-Ireland since 2008 and are hoping to defeat Dublin, a feat which have not been reached since the League final last year.

None of the experts are giving Tyrone the slightest chance and feel that Dublin’s experience alone will be enough to see them over the line against a side who haven’t reached a final in over a decade.

And before the kicking of any ball, Eamon Fennell, Ross McConnell and Dotsy O’Callaghan discussed the topic of football player of the year.

According to Fennell’s Twitter poll, that accalade has already been decided.

Well, nearly.

It’s between two people – one’s a Dub and the other is a Dub.

Colm Cavanagh will feel hard done by…

“The two people that came out on top were, Brian Fenton number one and Brian Howard number two.

“I think Colm Cavanagh is having one of the best years. Towards the end of the [Monaghan] game, he was the real leader. He went up the pitch, got the free, got the turnover,” said Fennell.

Dotsy added that he was a “phenomenal, Mickey Harte was quick to praise him after that performance also.”

Is Player of The Year a two-horse race or is there any Tyrone, Galway or Monaghan players that should feel hard done by?

You can listen to the Player Of The Year discussion from the 22 minute mark here.

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