There's A Really Weird Irish Men's Jeans Trend Happening Right Now And We're 50/50 On It

We honestly don't know if we could bring ourselves to wear them, no matter how good they look.

Jeans August

We'd be lying if we said that we long for the days of boot-cut baby blue jeans to make a comeback.

We like our jeans tight, we like our jeans ripped - that is the what the typical Irish man's jeans drawer looks like right now.

So, it might surprise you to hear of a very weird trend which is currently happening around the country in the aim of getting tighter and tighter jeans.

Speaking on's GAA Podcast, The Forty-Five, Eamon Fennell said that he discovered the new fashion trend when he was being beaten by an 18-year-old in a set of sprints.

"Penney's girls jeans. That's what all the lads were telling me they wear these days. Did you hear about this? Penney's girls jeans, genuinely.

You can listen to the jeans discussion from the 33:30 mark below...

I can confirm that the above jeans trend is ripping its way across the nation and that Eamon Fennell isn't hallucinating from all mid-week sprints.

Not one but two of 'the lads' that I hang around with have admitted to buying jeans from the women's section of shops.

Now, while I am all for the newest in style, I think I'd have to draw the line here. Sure, it might make your ass and legs look good but the struggle of having to squeeze a pair of those on and off is going to be disastrous.

Also, the embarrassment of admitting to someone where you got them from when asked is too much to risk just to look good.

We'll pass on this one.

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