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31st Jan 2020

10 tweets that sum up how Irish people are feeling about payday

James Fenton

It’s the last Friday of the month and people who haven’t been paid since before Christmas are rejoicing at finally seeing a boost in their bank balance.

While some got paid as early as last week and others yesterday, a hardy bunch have had to endure a longer stretch than most. Towns and cities will no doubt be dancing to the beat of tapping debit cards tonight as people get the drinks in at the end of Dry January.

Of course, with payday comes the responsibility of paying rent, sorting out bills and getting that credit card balance down which kind of brings the buzz down a little bit.

That said, it looks like Irish people are mostly rejoicing over getting that long-awaited coin…

That sound is the whole of Ireland breathing a huge sigh of relief. With spring supposedly starting tomorrow and February being the shortest month of them all, things are looking up.