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14th Dec 2021

5 gifts for the person in your life who can never just order a regular cocktail

Katy Thornton

And why should they? True cocktail connoisseurs love to mix it up a little (see what we did there).

We all have that one friend who loves a cocktail more than anything else. They shy away from the old reliables, going for a mix that is unique instead of tried and true. If you have drawn that friend in Secret Santa, you want to get them a gift that reflects their eclectic taste. Sure, you could get them a bottle of vodka and some Passionfruit Martini mix, and call it a day, but where would be the fun in that?

1. Drink Botanicals Cocktail Accessories

While we all love to go out for cocktails, there’s no reason you can’t make them at home. You get to control the volumes, as well as the design this way. Drink Botanicals does a range of cocktail accessories, including syrups and garnishes – perfect for the cocktail lover in your life.

2. Premium Bottled Craft Cocktails

By the bartenders of 1661 Bar comes these 100% natural ingredient cocktail bottles. They do a wide range of flavours, including lots of festive ones for the season that’s in it. Craft Cocktails deliver nationwide and any cocktail obsessive will love it.

3. Vice Coffee Inc

When cocktails and coffees collide, they make for some pretty delicious beverages. Vice Coffee Inc is currently doing Irish Coffee and Espresso Martini kits – ideal for that pal who can never decide between ordering a cocktail post dinner, or an espresso.

4. Pepperazzi Cocktail Book

Let your cocktail obsessed friend wow you after reading up on these innovative cocktail recipes, courtesy of Monika Coghlan, a Cork based food and drink photographer. She authored Craft Cocktails: A Collection of Recipes & Stories from Ireland’s Leading Spirit Makers and this will make for a great Christmas gift. Plus, the cover is beautiful, and would make a stunning coffee table book.

5. The Blind Pig Cocktail Making Class

And if they want to hone in their skills, then this Blind Pig Virtual Cocktail Making Class is just the thing for your friend. Join in with them (you might as well make this a gift for you as well) and enjoy making cocktails while guided by some of the industry’s experts.

We think your cocktail obsessed friend will be amazed by any of these gifts (you can thank us later!).

Header image via Instagram/pepperazzi_ie

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