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26th Aug 2022

A love letter to Bród and Misneach for International Dog Day

Fiona Frawley

president Michael D Higgins with his dogs, Bród and Misneach

Just like an attention seeking birthday girl, we’re turning one day of celebrations into a weekend long affair.

In fairness, it’s a celebration of dogs – we imagine most people will be on board.

There are International days for basically everything lately – you might think you’re enjoying a causal Tuesday, but it’s actually International Prosecco Day. Your birthday? Nope, wrong, it’s International Burger with no tomatoes and just a tiny bit of mustard day. Christmas? Also known as yogurt covered raisin day. You get the picture.

It can be hard to keep track of all these days of oddly niche celebration – they usually come and go with little to no fanfare. International Dog Day though – there was always going to be a bit of fuss about that.

In order to keep the party going, we’ve decided to round up some of Bród and Misneach’s – the presidential dogs, for anyone who happens to not know – most iconic moments.

Of course, before we get into it – RIP Síoda. Always in our thoughts.

Stealing Miggeldy’s thunder during tv interviews

Oh, you’re the President? That’s not going to stop me finding out what you’re keeping in those pockets.

Demanding belly rubs at official events

As is your right, Bród and or Misneach. As is your right.

Having zero interest in Micheál Martin when he came to visit

Misneach said the vibes are off.

Becoming muses for Irish artists

Julia Fox could never. Here are the presidential pups, beautifully captured by artist Ciara Palmer as part of the Dublin Canvas project.

Happy International Dog Day, B&M. Not that we needed an excuse to celebrate you anyway.

Header image via Twitter/@PresidentIRL

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