A Nutritionist Has Revealed The 'Laziest Ways' Of Losing Weight

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We're midway through the hardest month of the year and for most of you, that means you're midway through your extensive 'fitness kickstart' of 2018.

You've been busting your bum in the gym and running yourself to the point of insanity but a food expert has revealed that there is in fact a 'lazy way' of losing weight.

Kathleen Alleaume is a nutrition and exercise scientist and states that making these few slight changes to your daily routine can make a big difference to your weight loss programme.

Hiding food

It sounds stupid but she says that "we eat what we see". You know if you see a half packet of biscuits unattended on the table, there's a good chance you will pick at them.

Ensuring that you keep unhealthy snacks out of sight is the best way to keep them out of your mind.

Keeping fruit and veg in clear plastic containers and putting crisps and biscuits somewhere that's not at eye level or in arms reach is another handy tip suggested.

Think yourself slim

Food Psychologists have found that individuals who have vivid memories of what they ate were more likely to consume less at their following meal.

So, taking pictures of your food and reminding yourself of how yummy it was will remind your brain and your belly that you couldn't possibly be hungry again.

Break between bites

Self-explanatory. Put your fork and knife or spoon down and just give your body time to digest the food and also it will help your body register whether it is getting full or not.


She explains first that "when you're sleeping, you're not eating" but there's more to it than that. Researchers have found several links that suggest that sleep deprivation can increase your chances of gaining weight.

"Practice good sleep hygiene and aim for somewhere between 7-9 hours each night."

Do these work? As the man says, we'll try anything once and plus, they are the 'lazy ways' after all.

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