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25th Oct 2023

Barbie and Ken costumes the most-sought after among Irish customers this Halloween

Fiona Frawley

With Wednesday Addams and a herd of flesh-eating zombies coming up the rear.

It’ll come as a shock to no one that Irish shoppers are frantically buying up blonde wigs and all the pink accessories they can get their hands on ahead of this Halloween, as the Barbie and Ken hysteria remains firmly in tact.

Ahead of the main event, Halloween HQ stores across Ireland have been ensuring a steady supply of cowboy hats and other failsafes like Spiderman costumes and dracula teeth, so that everyone can piece together the costume of their dreams for their fancy dress party or trick-or-treat sesh.

While the store’s best sellers aren’t particularly surprising, they could provide a bit of inspiration for anyone struggling costume-wise. From Barbenheimer to Harley Quinn, here are the most sought after Halloween looks among Halloween HQ shoppers this year.

Barbie and Ken 

The Barbie craze continues, with Barbie and Ken costumes representing the most-sought after among customers. Halloween HQ has a variety of officially-licensed Barbie costumes, but there’s individual pink accessories and blonde wigs on the go too for those looking to piece something together themselves. Some couples may opt for a meme-worthy Barbenheimer duo, combining blazers and porkpies with Barbie elements.

The Addams Family

When in doubt, throwing on a black dress and two neat plaits to honour Wednesday Addams never fails costume wise. A Morticia and Gomez couples costume is also a shout, perhaps with added moustached baby Pubert to complete the look.


Or Infected, if you’re a The Last Of Us fan. You can turn any outfit into a zombie cozzie if you put your mind to it, and besides the always popular zombie cheerleader costumes, Halloween HQ is also neatly stocked with zombie doctors, nurses, brides, convicts, priests, and nuns to name a few.

Day of the Dead

Veils, crowns, skeleton body suits, and festive sets are always a big seller, with many opting for Dia de los Muertos couples or family costumes.

Harley Quinn and The Joker

Year on year, pigtails and baseball bats are favoured by DC fans and those outside the comic universe, with many donning colourful attire and weapons to complete their villainous couple’s costume. Given the popularity of this aesthetic, there’s no shortage of replica mallets, machetes, and pistols modelled after the weapons in the comics and on the big screen.

Killer Clowns

A classic costume genre, clown looks are versatile and customisable – you can make them as playful or traumatising as you like. Opt for a generic circus clown or get specific and recreate Pennywise’s terrifying visage, with plenty of fuzzy wigs and makeup kits on the go to complete the look.

“At Halloween HQ, we work year-round with our suppliers to develop and import the latest trends and 2023 is shaping up to be game-changing year for us,” says Vincent Lynch, Director of Halloween HQ. “We have doubled the in-store product assortment versus prior years, offering the largest selection of home décor, costumes, and accessories that has ever been available in Ireland.  With thousands of new items, we have everything to customize the perfect spooky effect.

We tentatively await the inundation of “Hi Barbie!” social media captions as the 31st draws closer.


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