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03rd Jul 2023

Here’s what Barbie’s Dreamhouse would look like in the world’s best-rated countries to live in

Emily Mullen

Barbie houses

C’mon Barbie, let’s go party

Barbie hysteria is reaching an all-time high with Greta Gerwig’s marketing team working in overdrive ahead of the launch on July 21st. As a result, any association with the hot pink production has gotten the public in a tizzy, even when it’s AI-generated

Data analysts at JeffBet have generated what Barbie Dreamhouse would like in the twenty best-rated countries to live in the world- including our home turf. The analysts looked at many factors that contribute to a country’s quality of life, including income equality, education system, job market, health systems etc. to reveal a ranking of the best countries to live in. The data reveals the top 20 countries that Barbie would be best placed to relocate to if she moves to the ‘real world’, countries where her quality of life will remain high, where she’ll be able to get her car serviced, her hair quaffed and everything else a Barbie needs.

The Barbie Dreamhouse in the JeffBet best-rated countries to live in the world below:

20. Portugal

Barbie will be starting her ‘real world’ adventure off strong with this dazzling pink Portuguese mansion.

19. Italy

Barbie will be able to live her best White Lotus season 2 dream /nightmare at this Italian pile.

18. Spain

This Spanish mansion truly looks like Barbie’s dreamhouse, complete with polished marble floors and ornate flower pots.

17. Luxembourg 

Balloons definitely seem to be the theme of Barbie’s Luxe-mansion.

16. Ireland

This mansion looks like we might imagine Enya’s house looks like, all swirls and Celtic mysticism.

15. France 

Barbie would be in for a real treat if she decided to settle en France, with this Marie-Antoinette-inspired chateau.

14. Japan 

Barbie’s Japanese gaff was bound to look a bit sci-fi in design, and this AI-generated image did not disappoint.

13. Austria 

In perhaps one of the most terrifying of designs, Barbie’s house in Austria looks like a shopping centre fever dream.

12. UK 

This quaint little abode actually looks like it might already exist in a trendy part of London or along the seafront of Brighton.

11. Belgium

This house looks straight out of a Wes Anderson set, even down to the retro-inspired car jauntily parked out front.

10. New Zealand 

With some gentle nods to Hobbitland, Barbie would be forgiven for choosing the rolling landscape of New Zealand as her home.

9. Australia

Potentially one of the best designs, Barbie would be forgiven for choosing to relocate to the land down under into this sweeping fluid house.

8. Netherlands 

In typical Dutch design, Barbie’s house has plenty of large windows.

7. Germany

Barbie would be living at one of the most eye-catching of properties if she decided to relocate to Germany.

6. Finland

If it wasn’t pink, you would be forgiven for thinking that this house was the lair of a James Bond villain.

5. Norway

This powder-pink structure looks like it has been removed from the top of a wedding cake.

4. Switzerland

Barbie will no doubt be living her alpine fantasy if she decided to relocate to Switzerland, with this four-storey mega structure.

3. Canada 

This beast of a house looks, with every inch of the place decorated with carved stone roses, window ornamentation and fairy-tale-inspired turrets.

2. Denmark 

An altogether more open-plan house with a well-designed mix of shapes, which looks straight out of an architect’s dream mood board.

1. Sweden 

Barbie would be well-placed in this Sabrina the teenage witch-inspired house set in front of a lake and surrounded by pine forests.

All of the above images have been created using AI.

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