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20th Apr 2022

Can you beat this child’s record for chicken wing eating?

Katy Thornton

record chicken wing

You’ll be taking a one-way trip to Meat Sweats City.

As we know, The Mariner Bar and Eathouse hosts a Bottomless Wings night on Wednesdays, which includes a chicken wing challenge for those who dare to enter. Each participant is given 2 hours to eat as many wings as possible, with no side sauce

Two weeks ago a new champion reigned supreme, finishing 71 wings in 2 hours, a mighty achievement, thought not to be beat easily.

And we’re sure it wasn’t easy when 13 year old Leyon Patton stepped up to the challenge, yet, he managed to eat 80 wings in the same time, swiftly and mercilessly taking the top spot for himself.

So we’re putting the challenge to you. If you’re as into wings as you say, can you eat more than 80 wings in 2 hours? Before you guffaw and say of course you can, have a real think about it. That’s 40 wings an hour, 20 every half an hour. The first 10 will go down a treat, but surely you’re bound to get the meat sweats Joey Tribbiani style.

Every Wednesday you’ll have the chance to participate in this challenge; just let your server know that you’re up for it. In the meantime we’re sure that Leyon will be enjoying his winnings, namely the glory of being able to eat 80 wings in 2 hours.

The Wings Wednesday Challenge is ongoing between 1pm and 9pm weekly.

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