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21st Jun 2022

Can you guess which ice-cream was voted Ireland’s favourite?

Katy Thornton

ireland's favourite ice-cream

We truly are a bunch that are easily pleased.

Ever wondered about the Irish people’s summer habits? Or Ireland’s favourite ice-cream? Well, now you don’t have to. In a survey done by Circle K, we have all the tea, from how much ice-cream we consume, to what we most like to do with our time over the sunnier months.

In their summer survey, Circle K discovered that 39% of people are planning on jetting off this summer while 16% will opt for a staycation instead (and if you’re looking for some inspo, check out one of our Staycation Spotlights HERE).

Dublin was the favoured spot for a visit (24%), then Galway (13%), and then Carlow (6%).

Amongst the Irish people’s favourite activities is going to the beach (41%) closely followed by a picnic (37%). Day trips such as the zoo and various theme parks was favoured by 29% of people.

Circle K found that 51% of people would be stopping into food service stations over the summer, and they have a class new menu for those in need of a feed. From burgers, to sundaes, there’s plenty to tuck into while off on your travels around Ireland.

Image via Teneo

And as for our ice-cream habits, 74% of Irish people enjoy an ice-cream at least once a week over the summer. With our all-time favourite, voted by nearly a third (32%) opting for the classic 99 cone. Look, it may not cost 99c anymore anywhere, but it’s still a fan fave. I may have to agree with the 32% (although I do love those Maltesers ice-creams, truly god-tier stuff); you will never be disappointed by a 99 soft serve with a nice big flake wedged into it, and maybe, just maybe, a dash of raspberry sauce. Is it any wonder that it’s Ireland’s favourite ice-cream? I think not.

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