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This Is How Much Money You Need To Have Saved For When You Have A Baby

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There’s a reason why a lot of planning goes in for having a child.

The little feckers cost you thousands before they’re even born (they are worth every penny in the world all the same).

Kate Browne, a personal finance expert told news.com that the cost of a new born comes as a shock to most young couples.

“A cot, change table, pram and car seat are just some of the essentials needed to be baby-ready and these will set you back up to €1264.

She went on to say that in the first year alone, you can go through as many as 2500 nappies which cost about €500.

But what’s worse, she found that some new parents spend as much as €6000 in the baby’s first year.

“I know when I became a mother I couldn’t believe how many nappies a young baby can go through a day and just how much they cost. So if you can buy them on sale and stock up it’s a good way to save.”

“You’ll never fully be prepared but there are some things you can do to plan ahead.

“Looking at your finances and making a budget should help you feel more prepared and less worried about how you will support yourself and your new bundle of joy.”

We better start saving.

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