Dublin, Galway, and Limerick crowned the most scenic spots to get married in Ireland

By Katy Thornton

August 18, 2022 at 9:55am


If you're wondering where you should say "I do"


In a study done by luxury jewellers Austen & Blake, every county in Ireland was ranked for how perfect it was for that special wedding day. They judged it using a number of factors, including number of venue and catering options, florists, Instagram geo-tags, hotels, transport, and temperature.

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Dublin came in at number one with a landslide victory, with an overall score of 276.8. As our capital city it's no wonder there were more options for hotels and venues. There was only one category that Dublin didn't come out on top and that was temperature; it didn't even make the top five. In the overall list of the best spots in Ireland to get married, Galway, Kerry, and Antrim came third, fourth, and fifth respectively.


Most scenic spots in Ireland to get married

As for the most scenic spots to get married in Ireland, Dublin took to winning spot again. Galway came second (1.9m hashtags) and Limerick, ninth on the overall list, came third, with 739,392 tagged photos. Kilkenny took fourth place with 503,452 tagged photos, and Derry placed fifth with 498,748.

Warmest spots in Ireland to get married

As for the counties least likely to experience rain on the day, the top five list changes again. The warmest counties are Waterford in first place, then Cork, Louth, Limerick, and Clare. Mayo is the most likely to experience rain, so if you're not someone who believes the old wives' tale that this actually brings good luck, maybe rethink getting married there. Louth was considered the county that would be the least likely to experience rain on your big day.

The worst counties to get married in Ireland


And with any list such as this, there's going to be counties at the bottom of the list. In last place comes Leitrim, with a score of just 31.4, due to its lack of wedding venues, florists, and catering services. Just above it, in second last place, is Longford, who ultimately beat Leitrim based on temperature.

Of the results, Austen & Blake said this:

"Looking at the results, it seems that the counties with the largest populations came out on top, with four out of the top five sitting in the top five for the highest populated Irish counties. What is interesting is that Antrim, currently the 16th most populated county in Ireland, made it into the top five over some of the other more populated counties - proving that bigger isn’t always better!"

They also pointed out that though Dublin comes in first place, it still may not fit each individual couple's vision.

Essentially it all depends on what matters most to you on the big day.


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