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HON THE GALS: 10 Irish Women To Watch 2019

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

May 9, 2019 at 11:55am


Irish women are absolutely KILLIN' it right now.

During the Bloggers Unveiled era, there was a lot of bashing and online influencers developed a terrible rep. Thing is, there are some incredible, inspirational women who are definitely worth following.

These are the women that I predict will be HUGE in the next year and their following will double.

A new age of influencer is here and it's a good'un, believe me.

1. Sinead Burke

Sinead is probably the most well-known lady to appear on this list but this little person has been making big changes across the world.

She's a writer, academic, influencer, activist and broadcaster and is most popular for her TED talk 'Why design should include everyone'. She appeared on the cover for The Business of Fashion in May 2018 alongside Kim Kardashian with an interview as part of 'The Age of Influence' series.

She was also the first little person in history to walk the carpet at the Met Gala.

Such an inspiration!

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Last night was one of those moments that you dream of. Thank you so much, @alessandro_michele, Marco Bizzarri and all at @gucci for a night that I won’t ever forget. Attending the #MetGala as a little person (and the first one ever, at that), Anna Wintour, @voguemagazine and Gucci had such empathy and openness in thinking broadly about my accessibility needs. Prior to last night, I practised the stairs, and did an accessibility audit of the seating, bathrooms, elevators and corridors to figure out where and how we could ensure that I was as independent as possible on this very glamorous night. (Speaking of glamorous – my footstools have been decorated to seamlessly blend with the Met Gala furniture.) . . I wrote about my experience for @britishvogue. On my dress, “There have been very few moments in pop culture where a woman like me has had agency over her own aesthetic. We were careful that what I’m wearing was not a costume but a reflection of me as a person and a way in which I could communicate my advocacy to the world.” . . Thank you to @caitni and @tcs_daniel for everything. Thank so much to @vockandvintage for the breathtaking diamond earrings and diamond / sapphire ring. I’ve never felt more powerful. . . [Image description: Standing on the red carpet of the #MetGala - what a sentence - I have my hands on my hips, wearing the most extraordinary black velvet gown, with accented shoulders, blue silk bows across my chest and of course, a beautiful gold crown!]

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2. Aoife Mc Namara

Instagram is a tough place to grow your profile, but Irish designer Aoife Mc Namara has done so in a matter of months.

Aoife's incredible garments have gathered quite a lot of traction online and she has launched a successful company as a result. The 23-year-old has just launched her very own line AOIFE which has left me drooling.

Most of her pieces are made in an ethical and sustainable way using Irish wools, tweeds and satin.

They are so unique from anything I’ve seen in the market as of late and it’s also instantly recognisable which is deadly.

I predict MASSIVE things from this lady - deffo one to watch.

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💜💜💜 #AOIFE

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3. Keelin Moncrieff

Keelin is leading the way for environmental sustainability online.

She is speaking the hard truths, educating her followers on the impact of their carbon footprint and encouraging people to be more conscious about their shopping habits.

Her following is growing rapidly for her rawness, realness, bluntness and unique style. She says it how it is; it’s very evident that she knows her stuff, too.

She defines herself as an:

Anti-Blogger Blogger

People say online influencers have no power but this girl shows that they really do. Since speaking out, she has encouraged so many people to change their ways. My housemate has vowed never to shop from the likes of Boohoo and Missguided ever again as a result of Keelin's words.

That's one powerful gal.

4. Lydia Des Dolles

Lydia Des Dolles is an MMA fighter who set up Connect TV, Ireland and the UK’s leading combat sports platform and the first of its kind in social broadcast.

She won the 2018 Rising Star in New Media award at the All-Ireland Business Summit last year.

She talks about being a woman in sport, the grassroots of combat sports, and documents her journey from amateur to the professional ranks.

She's a force to be reckoned with.

5. Niamh O'Sullivan

Niamh may seem like your average sweet-as-pie, girly-girl blogger, but she's doing things differently.

She focuses on food, travel and most importantly sustainability.

Niamh comes across real and without a raging ego in her stories which is so nice to see; she just seems dead on.

Her food videos are really enjoyable to watch and her pics are adorbs.

It's so refreshing to see a blogger who still embodies that high-street-look to be sustainably conscious.

6. Kelly Horrigan

Kelly Horrigan is killing it in the modelling industry right now.

Her face can be seen in some huge campaigns such as Dripping Gold, Poco, BPerfect, and Guess.

She's so stunning it's almost hard to look at her Insta without drooling.

I predict she'll be one of the biggest faces in the industry in the next year or so.

7. Molly Parsons

Podcasting is the hottest way to consume media right now and Molly Parsons is slaying the game.

Her podcast Molly's Minutes, which is sponsored by Depop, has interviewed some huge names such as Jessica Anne Woodley, Sex Siopa and Indy Power.

She has a quirky style and the cutest personality so you couldn't not fall for her after listening to one episode.

This gal is going places.

8. Tell Maura

A while ago I was the first person to introduce the world to Eileen Style Queen, who has since been a nominee in the VIP Style Awards and has appeared on TV.

Now, I'm introducing you to the cutest Irish Mammy account on Instagram.

Say hello to Tell Maura!

Maura has been the Agony Aunt at the Sunday World for twenty years and has now created an Instagram profile to help people with their life and dating woes.

She’s extremely honest, clever and she’s also a dote.

Maura appears on her Instagram feed daily to give her two cents. Sticking to Insta guidelines, videos are always under a minute so answers are sharp and concise. She leaves the question that was asked below and all questions appear anonymously.

“What a LOSER” – I honestly couldn’t love this woman any more.

9. Nathalie Lennon

Nathalie has been exploding over the last while for her real, raw and uplifting content.

She's a personal trainer who often talks about our relationship with exercise, health, eating and body image. She struggled herself and talks very honestly and openly about it which is super refreshing.

She shares tasty recipes along with workout videos to encourage people to get healthy. Her captions are a great read every time and get you feeling positive about your body, mind and eating habits.

She's an absolute dote and has been such a welcoming account to my daily Instagram feed.

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10 revelations that may help heal your relationship with food and fitness 👇⁣ ⁣ Recent research suggests that up to 50% of the population (USA) show problematic or disordered relationships with food, body, and exercise. ⁣FIFTY. ⁣ The first step in your fitness journey is the most important - it determines your relationship with it, and YOU, for *almost* ever. Synopsis of my biggest revelations that changed mine... ⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ Inviting in and embracing every emotion that I tried to numb by using food or exercise. ⁣ 2️⃣ Identifying triggers and avoiding them at all costs, such as a heavy stress-load and thus learning how to say NO.⁣ 3️⃣ DISCONNECTING my worth from numbers, a scales, a body fat %. Oh and calories. No one really cares how many calories you had for breakfast.⁣ 4️⃣ Educating myself more on nutrition and how it affects our mind/behaviour - how our gut affects our brain. ⁣ 5️⃣ Looking at my body less. Less scrutinisation, less “check ins”, less negative self evaluation. More style *attempts*, more inner focus, more performance goals. ⁣ 6️⃣ Mindful eating. No distractions, no running around, no forgetting to chew. ⁣ 7️⃣ No longer treating exercise as a “direct” relation to food - You will enjoy LIFE x17283 more without focusing on calories burned and step count. ⁣ 8️⃣ Trying new things - new food types, new movement mechanisms, new experiences, new people, new classes, new business ventures = new outlook. ⁣ 9️⃣ Respecting my body’s message of the day - and training or resting in accordance to that. ⁣Training SMART when I do. 🔟 Learning how to protect my energy I worked so hard to build. ⁣ BY GETTING OUTDOORS USUALLY🌳 ⁣ .⁣ ⁣ Hard to believe we took this Sunday, walking in a crop? Irish summer.. ‘twas nice while it lasted 😭🤣 ⁣ ⁣ #PeaceOutSummer #PollenEverywhere #Lifestyle #Choices #HealthyMindset #Fitness ⁣

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10. Nicola Halloran

Say hello to your newest foodie obsession.

Nicola shows you how healthy eating can be proper tasty - no compromise on flavour.

Her recipes are varied with something to suit everyone and they're super easy to make.

I'm praying for a cookbook in the near future.

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Happy Sunday, I hope you’re all having fantastic weekends! 🙋🏼☀️ But alas - there seems to always come a point on Sunday afternoon/evening where Monday fear sinks in - Are you facing into that Sunday meal prep turmoil? Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place I’ve got some stellar tips and tricks to help you prep like a boss! Meal prepping and cooking can feel like a constant battle during the week, but you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t have to be. I’m a huge fan of what I like to call, no prep meal prep. Essentially piecing together different ingredients that will make up a meal in the shortest time possible. Head over and have a read of my latest blog post to find out more 🔪🍅🥒🥕👩🏼‍🍳 #thewonkyspatula

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Your Insta is lacking if you're not following these amazing women.

HUP Ireland!


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