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06th Dec 2021

House of Lidl jumpers are a thing, and you can pick one up today

Fiona Frawley

They had it all – wealth, style, power. Who wouldn’t kill for that?

While the rest of us have been busy trying to wrap our heads around Lady Gaga’s Italian accent – (is it outrageously inaccurate or an actual stroke of genius? Who can really say) – Lidl were busy behind the scenes creating a new legacy, coming soon to a middle aisle near you.

To be fair, you can always count on Lidl for a last minute Christmas jumper for 12 pubs, but this is next level. After the frenzied buying of the Lidl socks and runners over the summer, they’re back again, continuing to solidify their place as one of Ireland’s most iconic fashion hauses. I’m picturing big things for this geansaí – no Insta feed will be safe. They just dropped this morning in stores across the country, and based on how quickly Lidl apparel usually sells, I can’t imagine they’ll be hanging around long. I currently have my mother out on the hunt for one during the big shop, but nothing’s guaranteed in the cut throat world of high fashion. This is Lidl after all. A name to die for.

Currently lighting a candle for anyone looking to get their hands on one.

Header image via Facebook/Lidl Ireland

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