You will soon be able to pursue a degree in "influencing" at this Irish university

By Katy Thornton

September 25, 2023 at 4:34pm


Want to learn how to be the next Alix Earle?

6th year students with a dream of becoming an influencer are in luck, as South East Technology University (SETU) of Carlow are about to become the first to offer an "influencing" degree.

According to RTÉ, this new course, officially referred to as a Bachelor of Arts in Content Creation and Social Media, will be available to applicants from November 2023 and will launch in September 2024.

In conversation with RTÉ News at One, media and communications lecturer Dr Eleanor O'Leary said this of the new "influencing" degree.

"It is kind of worth an estimate of between 14 and 16 billion worldwide and so it is an area that has specific set of skills.

"Lots of people end up working and collaborating with brands.

"They could be self-employed as an influencer, or they could go in with a company and organisation as a content creator."

In a world where people become proficient in social media from an increasingly young age, this BA will focus on the business side of content creation and social media, as well as teaching more technical skills such as video editing, audio editing, podcasting, and writing.


Header images via Instagram / SETU & / Alix Earle


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